Watching waves on the beach is fun. The sloshing sounds and the mesmerizing crashing of each wavelet against the sandy beach or upon the unmovable rocks.




It can feel quite therapeutic just being present with the whole experience. The expansiveness of the ocean, the gentle harmony of the waves like an almost endless monotony of sound. To the untrained ear or to the unobservant eye the waves all sound and look the same. The soothing Melodies may appear constant yet only the awake mind and aware intellect can spot the differences between each cycle.




No wave movement is identical. No wave crashing is the same. Each is unique like a fingerprint. Each brings with it its own unique energetic potential and dissipates it with ease. It allows itself to flow. Each wave gathers its own momentum and releases it as an individual offering upon the shore. It may appear in unison but it in fact it is a collection of solitary beats.




Just like each heart beat in the body may appear to be the same, but in fact each one is separate and holds the breath of every moment, and since each moment is different so too each beat holds its own memory of time and space.




It is our new born awareness that is able to observe the distinctions between waves, between each heart beat, between each breath and the magic that exists within each moment of space-time. It is through this awareness that we find the universal potential that is eternally present in the in-between, and at zero point where all that is unmanifest waits to be birthed.




I love you



Author: Brown Knight

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