Welcome to the blue moon


It a term that is used to describe the second full moon in a single calendar month. It’s quite rare as it may happen once every 2 to 3 years. What is special about this blue moon is that it is also a super moon because it’s the closest point to the earth and its orbit therefore it appeared much larger and brighter than usual.


This August Blues super full moon brings us a heightened sense of our own awareness and intuition which is perfect for our own healing


There’s a divine interconnectedness during this event whereby we are offered the chance to release whatever comes up for us with an opportunity for a new space to fill in our lives. There’s great promise and potential of sprouting new endeavors and even newer healing


This is definitely a Celestial time has this rare Blue super Moon is also occurring at at a time when several planets are also in retrograde providing an intense combination of Energies


Retrograde energy allows us to look back into our past and reflect on all our uncertainties and have clarity in order to move forward as the energy passes


This is a beautiful opportunity to be simply still and Witness the flow of energy of our past and future as a community into the present


This is a Time for quiet reflection with time spent meditating connecting to Nature calming the mind harnessing the energy of the heart.


Let go of all the energetic debris that we have collected over the years and explore the magic that’s in the air


It’s time to step up to all the challenges for the universe is offering us on many levels and catch our breath as we begin our own soul transformation as individuals and collectively


Inhale life exhale love


Inhale love exhale light


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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