There is an idea that we can never progress forward as we are held back by not having ever received a love in the past. From someone who either never appreciated us for who we were, or chose to withhold that love.


Torn and incomplete we strive to reunite with that love that was never there. We hold onto the hurt with blame.


The pain continues to echo in our souls despite the event being but a distant memory.


The guilt and the shame continue to haunt our existence as we attempt to regain what we perceive as lost with desperation and haste.


We are held back for the love that we never received in the past, and so this misery invades every aspect of our lives and all relationships.


Yet this is not the truth.


We are held back as we choose not to extend our own love into the present moment. It is by this choice, that we manage to fumble and fall, without the realization that the offering of our love to this moment is what will break us free of the inertia.


Extend your love out to the present and allow the future to manifest with divine gratitude.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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