Welcome to the july full moon.


It goes by many names. For example the Buck full moon based on the farmers almanac or the Hay moon in Europe due to the season of hay making, or in Hindu calendars as the Guru Moon as a time to clear off the mind and learn from one’s Guru. Yet this full moon is a time for personal exploration and reflection of our mind and body to get back into alignment that which is most important. This moon will last for 3 nights. Which is somewhat unusual.


It will appear orange due to the fires burning in California and Oregon with its smoke and haze, but its beauty rivals all the red sun pictures from earlier in the week. The Buck moon is named as it is the time the male deer mature and reveal its beautiful grown antlers as a symbol of fertility. Yet spiritually it is a time for the fertility of the mind and heart and body to grow, bringing in the masculine energy of strength, ambition into abundance.


It is wise to use this time to self explore as to where do we want to be in our careers or lives, and what goals do we wish to achieve and prioritize them. It is a time to allow the light fill our being and allow the transformative energy to vibrate in our being and shift out all that does not serve and level up and welcome all that we choose and would love to do.


It may feel we must have all the answers yet it is better to have an open mind and let the answers flow within.


I have created a powerful invocation to help you with the magic of this full moon. Relax, meditate and repeat 3x


“ I allow the light of the moon to bring ease into my life


I surrender all my fears, doubts and self arguments


I welcome the energy of healing


I allow my life to flow in the direction of unconditional love


I accept the teachings of my spiritual masters and guides.


I move with the shift of my life with grace and gratitude “


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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