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I use crystals all the time. Whether in self meditation or when helping people via energetic medicine. I have had a greater appreciation for crystals. Thought I would share with you what I have learned over the years. Crystals are not stones. Lets get that one straight right off the bat. Crystals can be used in almost any way. Support during troubled times, such as grief, anxiety, fear, or during happier times. Connecting to your spiritual guides, or helping you get rest and peace, or getting more focused, to enable healing mentally and physically are just some other modalities.


First few important facts that need mention. Crystals hold their own consciousness. It not like ours yet it is still consciousness. Similar to every thing in the universe animate or inanimate, microscopic or cosmic the consciousness is real and can be connected to when needed. It follows a life cycle, albeit a very very long one, yet a life matrix format.


Next they are able to communicate. They do not talk like speech ( which actually is a very primitive form of communication that we have adopted. We used to be able as a species do this telepathically… a different post). Crystals are able to hold a vast form of information in their crystal lattice structure. Scientists are now trying to harness this technology for data storage. ( so not just a kryptonian idea). I have seen it being used dangling over a patient’s body for example to locate disease areas, and stagnant energy as well as using it to locate things on a map)


Crystals are used by spiritual folk to access higher level dimensions and planes of existence. They can be charged on full moon nights and in the sunlight.


Crystals can change color depending on the energy of the person using it. I have had crystals that when not being actively used darken, and when used regularly are much brighter with connecting with my energy and use. You may discover that some crystals have lots of rainbows within as they gain potency.


Crystals are able to attract you towards them. If you are ever in a crystal store, clear your mind and walk along the shelves of crystals. Keep your hand out. Feel the energy that attracts you towards one or another. Feel what it “says” to you. Does it call to you to pick it up or do not touch it. This depends on your energetic frequency, your mood and your own feelings at that time. Crystals communicate with us via feelings and connect to our essence.


If you own a crystal and it suddenly is missing, do not worry, it was time for you to let it go and for “it ” to find a new being to connect with. Try introducing crystals in various ways in your life, they may surprise you with positive effects.


You may have found a new friend !!! Not all friends are terrestrial lol !!


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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