April 1



The origins are clouded in mystery someone say that the famous book by Chaucer namely the Canterbury Tales had mentioned March ending at 32 days to suggest that it was April 1st…


Some historians would recall that in the Middle Ages the New Year’s day was celebrated on the 25th of March and ended in April 1st and for those who did not follow January 1st were fools


But then in 1686 in England there was a celebration and people were tricked to going to the Tower of London to see the Lions washed….. obviously no actual event took place.


For the rest of us….it is a light hearted day.of fun, comedy, pranks..


You can FOOL your mind thinking it is superior


You can FOOL your friends pretending you are someone you are not


You can FOOL yourself that you are immortal


But you canNOT FOOL your all knowing heart that you are Love’s greatest creation..


Try reminding yourself of the most foolish thing you have ever done in life


Laugh it off…. And know.that….


The universe raised NO FOOL 🙂


I.love you

Author: Brown Knight

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