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Welcome to the Worm Full moon. This one packs a punch of energy shifts as the gateway opens today. It is appropriately named as the Native Americans called it such for the first earthworm casts are seen in the soil as nature begins her yawn and stirring from her cold winter sleep. The spring equinox march 20 is not too far off, and so the earth begins to melt and the power of the nurturing ground nourishes the blood of life coursing through the roots.


This moon begs reverence to help spring your soul into action and clear what needs to be removed and make way for the new season of change in your life. You may have felt uneasy, frustrated, out of time, rushed, overwhelmed, edgy and fearful. All warranted as you too stir from your slumber of darkness and initiate your own transformation to the next chapter of light.


Here is a little invocation I created to help you handle the energies of the moon. Go outside, sit in the grass, burn incense if you like, put out your crystals, breathe. Let yourself dream. Give permission for your passions to unfold and come true. They will. Jot down your goals not letting your mind interrupt with doubt.


” Unto this full moon night….


I let go of my fears and welcome freedom


I surrender my anger and embrace my love


I offer my sorrows and hold my hand out with gratitude


I forgive all who have hurt me, and ask forgiveness from whom all I have hurt,


I give myself permission to dream my desires,


I allow for my hopes of my heart to manifest


I will see my passions stir and come alive


I declare that I am the Light of my Soul


I am the enchantment of the Divine Will and Power


I am the co creator of my reality


This night is the witness to my Soul’s purpose in this lifetime


I am that I am”


It has been asked so let it be done,


As above so Below


As within so without.


Blessed be


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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