“I am fine” This is the usual response I get from many patients. I break the ice by informing them what FINE really stands for. Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. WE laugh and then the real conversation begins.


But this got me thinking. “ I am fine” is the biggest lie we tell others and moreover we tell ourselves. We look in the mirror and convince ourselves that we are fine and struggle forward. We do not stand in the authenticity of our situation and face what is the truth of our reality. We keep our eyes down and pretend that these feelings will get better. All too often we are too ashamed to face the status quo or the uninspired life that we may live. We distract ourselves with outward pleasures forever waving off course of soul purpose.


Beneath every behavior there lies a feeling. Beneath the feeling is a need. It is wise to meet this need and not focus on the behavior and so then we begin to deal with the cause and rather not the symptom. We have been conditioned by society and family to suppress our feelings and not show them as if we dared it would be a sign of weakness.


Most of the time these emotional reactions have really nothing to do with what is going on, but in fact old habit patterns and emotions that have been accumulated from past experiences that arise when familiar situations arise again. They return to be healed.


Yet unfortunately we do not see the patterns or at least will not acknowledge them until we stop looking through the lens of what we want reality to be versus what reality is.


Simply owning that “ I am not fine” is the beginning step to healing. It is the acceptance for reality as it is, that initiates the hand of the universe to reach out and begin helping us to bring back into alignment with soul truth.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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