Each day we are faced with difficult decisions when faced with troublesome people or situations. We try to find solutions but at times those are not enough. We then tend to dim ourselves down with the hope that the status quo will change. But it doesn’t does it.


This is when we are invited to summon the strength to listen to the sound of our steps walking away from things and people that are no longer meant for us.


Yet it is the same courage it takes to leave behind what is not serving our higher purpose that will help us find our way to what is for our greatest good.


WE are told that the grass is greener on the other side except we never question if that grass is fake, and so we stay where we are where there is safety and security.


It is hard to own our story that holds us locked in to the fairy tale and nightmare created those many years ago. We may blame others for our lives but the secret lies in taking back control of our lives and becoming responsible for every decision we have made, are making and will make in every moment.


Whatever is meant for us, will find us and it may not require us to do anything more than simply BEing who we are. It is then we shall realize that everything that left was never a loss to begin with.


And so with great resolve and faith we leap forward. Remember that unless the pain for where we are is greater than the pain of where we choose to be and do, we will remain stuck.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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