Most of us are on a journey. A convoluted path with no straight paths but rather lots of twists and turns that we cannot see the end or sometimes even the next step. We are not meant to know the entire path and each step is only opened up as we evolve to that level, much akin to climbing stairs.


There are times when we must give ourselves permission to surrender to the journey. We may fight along the entire way and ask WHY? WHY? WHY? Till one day in the far off distant future we look back at what we have accomplished and realize that WHY, and laugh and say “ Oh that’s why”


The spiritual growth journey is not about asking WHY. That is a question which is pondered at the mind level. Yet It is the heart that lights the way with dignity and grace. It is our job to just BE and when the time is right to simply DO. Ours is not the time to question.


The time to question is permitted when we have swayed from our soul purpose and as an opportunity to course correct and bring us back to center and the divine path.


It is however allowed to dance on our path with complete love as a leaf gives itself freely to the wind without hinderances or resistance yet only with surrender.


Our mind will keep playing with perceptions of our path with doubts, yet it is up-to us to stay aligned to our truth, the universal truth, the divine truth guided to us through intuition from the heart space.


Listen to the voices of the heart and allow the soul to act as the guide in the playground of the universe.


This is how we learn the lessons the universe has laid out for us, the same lessons that we CHOSE to learn in this lifetime or any lifetime.


We do not have to know how everything will workout in the end, just trust that it will.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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