What is our deepest fear?

we live a life filled with fear even though we think at times that we are not. It is natural to be afraid to take the next step. It is normal to not take too much risk. WE are constantly in the battle between our minds and our genetics. The only victor of this war can be the heart space from a space of truth.

We fear not that we may be inadequate or that we do not know enough, but the fear that we are more powerful that is beyond measure. We are invited to explore our inner light and realize that it is not the darkness that frightens us but being spooked by our own magnificence.

If we live our lives playing small and never level up and just stay in a disempowered state, then we shrink our light and all we earn is a minimized life filled with fear, anxiety and doubt. We then blame everyone around us for our problems. Till one day we awaken and blame ourselves. Yet fortunately it is only when we see our true light and those of others around us we realize that in this beautiful universe there was no blame and it was all just projections of a polarized mind.

In this world of illusion we play small as we may not want others to feel insecure around us. If they do then perhaps they wont play with us in the sandbox of life, they will not love us, and where will that leave us, unsafe and lost. And so we follow the rules and regulations and live small, so as not to upset others or disturb the natural equilibrium, and pretend that we are experiencing and receiving love for ourselves.

I am here to tell you that we are here to shine. Not subtly but big. WE are are here to shine as bright as the sun in the night sky. This light is not to be dimmed. This light is not just in some of us, but in all of us. It is our duty nay our responsibility to allow our most authentic light to shine so we can give permission not just to ourselves but for others to follow suit and do the same.

How do we shine? We do this by liberating ourselves from our fears? We allow our presence to liberate others.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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