The Unknown


Stomach churns, heart beat quickens, sweat crawls upon my forehead. The sickness of the ache of not knowing the next moment is painfully abundant in all of us. The fear and the anticipation is nail biting. The unsettling feeling of “not being in complete control” is a common place with most of us. The unsureness of the future strikes as emotional pain.


The raw tenderness within our hearts and the feelings and the emotions are the alchemical building blocks that will be used to sail through the waters of confusion and self doubt. The tipping point is the basis for change. That complete desire to want to undergo metamorphosis and yet with no real direction is the unknown. It is in embracing this “not knowing” with a leap you will find the footing to change your path.


A caterpillar must completely digest itself and within the soup a new being is created. More beautiful than ever with delicate mesmerizing wings and with the ability to fly the once caterpillar that is no more had to take the leap of faith that its consciousness will survive into its next form as it evolves. It too had no real knowing of the outcome yet it created a plan of self annihilation and self evolution and the trust in nature.


It is in the intricate trust of the universal mind of intention that the future is brought into the now and the past is skirted into a distant memory. It is in the utter demolition of the ego and mental psyche of control that the surrender of the heart is lifted with ease and grace. It is this very unknown that propels us forward and upward to a future far greater than the present.


It is in the self digestion of my egoic mind that I find my disassembled heart begin its rebirth into a coherent manifestation of sublime reality. The present pain fades into a past distant memory, and the future is welcomed into the now with unconditional love and embrace, as the unknown transforms into the known.


The unknown? who knows..


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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