So the other day was National doctors Day. A time for celebrating your doctor. Everyone has a doctor in some form or the other. Several “thank you” messages came my way. I asked around and surprisingly found that many doctors did not get any acknowledgements from even their hospital administrations. Yet this is not about honoring or praising a doctor. In my opinion it is about a time for self reflection and going within to explore “what does it mean to be a doctor?”

For me the journey began over 2 decades ago, in the last century in fact. Years of sleep deprivation, personal sacrifices, financial hardships, yet great joys as well. I have seen amazing developments in medical science and greater understandings of the human body during my tenure. Yet I have also seen the disasters of medical science, egos gone amok and lives been lost through medical and surgical failures.

I have had the opportunity to be the first one that babies saw when they came into this world, be the last one when patients have left to touch the stars in the next life.

I have been at the precipice of change and the tips of human evolution.

I have held the hands of my fellow humans in their time of most need.

I have made my patients laugh and smile,

I have been the instrument of their tears.

I have held space for people to transform,

I have been the recipient of emotional hugs.

I have been there at 2am when the patients heart stopped.
I have been there when others hearts started again late at night.

I have listened to hundreds of thousands hearts all beating with conversation of the divine universe.

There is not much that I have not seen in my time of being a doctor in traditional medicine.

I have also explored another path. The journey for the last 10 years that has been parallel to my career. The alternative path of healing.

Learning the arts of energy medicine, color medicine, Functional medicine, functional nutrition, and functional movement through crossfit. I have explored human behavior and the secrets of the mindsets as they influence the body and the heart. I have studied farm medicine, chakra healing, reiki, the very tenants of osteopathy, healing meditation and many other modalities and yet there is so much more to explore that western medical science has yet to even awaken to that which represents healing. And my studies continue.

That is what doctoring is all about. Exploring both sides of healing ( traditional and non traditional arts) blended and providing support for our fellow creatures in mind, body, heart and spirit. To be able to touch the heart and soul with all the arts discovered by the ancients and the gifts of the future sciences. To be able to weave the spiritual into the physical so that the physical may realize its divinity within. I am the bridge between these two worlds of healing.

This has been the greatest privilege of my life to be a doctor, to be a healer and a teacher. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to hold life with tenderness and reverence and watch it flow from body to body yet witness its sacredness woven together within each beating heart, connecting each of us to the whole universe within and out of time and space.

So to all my colleagues past, present and future, wishing you a happy Doctors day. May your journey be enlightening for yourself and in service of humanity. There is much to learn, much to teach, many to heal…. the journey is far from over, as it begins each moment we choose to be a doctor.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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