What is love?


This has been a pestering question that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time. We think we understand it. I know I believe that my definition of love is correct yet I will argue that yours is not. This lack of acceptance of another’s opinion demonstrates that I do not understand love. So much has been done in the name of love. Such as buying flowers at Valentines Day, or building a world wonder ( The Taj Mahal) by Shah Jahan in honor of the woman he loved.Yet in the name of love a man was willing to sacrifice his country to protect the one he loved, there are many examples in history, let’s remind ourselves of Troy. Love is used as a shield to protect one from violence as a mother jumps into harms way to protect a child in danger.


People are torn apart in the name of love for their ideas or ideals. People come together for the love their ideas and ideals such as relationships in both personal as well as professional circles. Love for a relative can lead to sacrifices that they would never have addressed in dire situations.


Love is pure energy resonating at an extremely high frequency. It permeates every cell of every body and can travel across a universe with the speed faster than light. Love is a ubiquitous and formless. It is not dependant on anyone or anything. Love is infinite and is maintained within every atom everywhere. I would present the case that it is truly the glue that holds the building blocks of matter together. The lack of it, is what tears things apart.


Love exists. You were born into it, through it, and from it. Had the universal mind of intention not had love for you then you would not exist. Love is thought, word, action and transmission instanteously and simultaneously present at all times. When you see the sun, you do not differentiate the sun rays coming at you from the sun rays traveling in the directions further from you. Such is the nature of love. Love is the sun that transmits continually and omnidirectional.


Our fears come from the separation of our identity of love and in doing so the path we travel becomes slippery and negative. Love is the destination that we all long to reach. Unfortunately, we fail to realize that love is not a destination but in fact love is the state we already are in and not outside of us in what we seek.


You are love. Don’t believe me? Look in the mirror and find yourself.



Author: Brown Knight

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