Poem that was inspired by my trip to the fall time apple orchard…..

Falling in love with Autumn

The smell of the warmth of the earth fills my nostrils

The gauntlet of my day falls to the ground

I leisurely walk the fields with ease

I allow the melodies of the wind sing to my ears

I welcome the brightest air

The crisp freshness of the scene chills my bones

I love the Golden sun rays on my face

The invite of fall arrives reviving my senses

The majesty of the canvas is before me in full bloom

The leaves bear the mark of the Divine artist

I am humbled by the bountiful offering of each tree

I stroll to each branch, searching for the perfect gift of nature

Words are too pale to describe as the image are so vibrant with life

The magic of the apple is like the temptation of the senses

Scattered upon the arms of the outstretched tree

Or littered upon the drappled grass

To glide amongst the rows of the landscape like an apparition

But to feel the aliveness of my blood flowing in my grounded body

I love the sweetness and bitterness as I crunch the golden apple of the sun

I touch the fountain of color around me

I embrace what this season brings

I am but a transformed leaf in the wind as winter’s coolness quickly approaches

My thoughts run as far as my eyes can see, and then farther

To be part of the vista of nature is the greatest gift of all

I am grateful to be alive in this time, till one day I return to the clarion call of the winking stars

Till then I shall stay here and call this home.

By Dr Nitin Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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