Everyday before I goto bed I look myself in the mirror and say

” I love you. You did your best today and even though you may not have completed everything you had planned, I love you anyway. We will do better more efficiently and productively tomorrow.”

It is important to be authentic and real.

Be vulnerable and earn the right to grow.

This is not a cop out statement. Yet an honest affirmation of an inner knowing.

This helps in a significant way to be able to plan better for tomorrow. Either I will be more realistic in what I can accomplish and reduce my list, or discard things that are lower priority and focus on tasks that are towards my goals and purpose. Or better yet, will realize where I wasted time and become more efficient with my efforts.

It starts by living authentically and honestly.

It starts by saying ” Yes, I fucked up. ” Or “Yes I could have done better”

Yet more importantly ” I love you regardless of what happened”

Tomorrow is there not to just catch up on what I didn’t do today.

Tomorrow is there to allow me resurrect myself with greater vigor, strength and inspiration.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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