Post race sitting at dinner at a nice bistro with the family and my son just randomly starts a conversation

“Dad if it wasn’t for your friend Larry Santos we wouldn’t be here having dinner ”

I was little perplexed and asked him to explain

” well.. if he hadn’t asked the question about you doing triathelons, you would never had said yes… then you wouldn’t have decided to learn swimming, biking, and running and then entered this race. We wouldn’t have driven to cape cod, and be sitting here after your race. Simple ”

I thought about this for a while. He was right.

A decision back in February has led to so many experiences. But that’s not all.

By saying yes..and continuing with the journey I was able to help employ people at the hotel where we are staying. They in turn are able to earn a wage to pay for their kids education… the food we paid for at the restaurant is helping keep the employees of the restaurant get paid and carry on the cycle of spending throughout the economy

my triathlon shirt I bought was made abroad.. so employing countless others across the globe

A ripple in the pond of the energy field of human consciousness traveling across the globe…

we just dont know how far we can reach with any of our actions

So the next time we feel that our lives are meaningless or inadequate just remember that our thoughts are powerful enough to generate decisions that create actions that have a global impact in every moment

We are each a delicate and valuable thread in the garment of human evolution
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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