The start.

The start is always the hardest. At my most recent triathlon, rather my first ever triathlon I experienced this first hand. The race was not real to me during the training. It was not even real to me when I wore my wet suit and went down to the ocean front with all the other gathering athletes. It was not even real that I was about to start the race when I heard all the instructions from the race director. Then it happened….. the loud gun fire of the starting gun. It became real. 

I had to literally get my head round the fact that it all STARTED. My head yelled back to the rest of the body and all my cells .. LETS GO GUYS THE RACE HAS STARTED. 

The heart rate went up, the breathing increased and off I went. But I realized throughout the  race that what I feared most was the start. The anticipation of doing something, or rather starting to do something big is always challenging. We face this in many parts of our lives, in fact we face it each day before we decide to do a project, or enter a new relationship, or meet a new client, or do something physical or have to start a new book. 

Why is starting so difficult? There comes a level of fear and anticipation of something new, the unexpected, and we usually fear that which we perceive that we do not know. We step back into the comfort zone for that millisecond prior to having to propel ourselves forward. Yet it is when we give ourselves permission to start, or surrender to the experience that the magic within is released. We connect to the universe and command it to mold the experience of OUR choice. 

Yet all this happens when we surrender in our hearts, and create the experience of our choice with our intentions. It stems from expressing our goals to our energetic electromagnetic fields that then transmits the command codes throughout the universe to manifest into reality what we choose. Heart felt choice. 

But it all begins with a decision of the heart , and the action of STARTING, otherwise it will always just stay in the ethereal of our minds and forgotten dreams. The finish is important, but it all depends on the start. 

Explore your universe, make your dreams come true, chase that amazing project, fall in love with your relationships, succeed at those big goals, do whatever your heart desires…. but START. 


I love you 

Author: Brown Knight

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