Where does your worth come from?

I have struggled with this conundrum for many a decade. Part of the problem is the understanding of the question. Self worth vs outward material worth. I think both are connected. Our material worth is inherently linked to our self worth. The greater the appreciation for self worth, the greater the material worth we create. We attract more outward to the inward when we are content and ready to receive. This state of being is a natural state when we become balanced.

Yet it is also a state that requires definition when our heart and immortal spirit are filtered through a manifested mind. Worth is itself formless. As deep as any ocean it remains constantly in motion and difficult to grasp when we observe it from the point of view of the mind. Yet when felt within the heart it appears with fortitude and passion.

Self worth is as unique as our fingerprint. It is an individualized quality that is ever present. It accompanies our psyche and molds to external stimuli if not paid attention to. If we are given praise, our self worth appears to rise. If we are berated, our self worth deflates. True self worth does not rise and fall with the tide or the waves of other peoples emotions or life’s circumstances.

Self worth is created in the heart that mines the dreams and sculpts the hopes into realities. The greater the self worth, the increased likelihood of a successful career, relationships, and opportunities. Self worth emboldens self empowerment. It all starts with defining ourselves. Who are we? and What place do we have in the world?

Each of us deserve to be here. Each of us deserve to be heard. Each of us can make a difference.

You are worthy.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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