Welcome to the Summer Solstice of 2021. It is a magical time in the air on this day filled with ancient mystery and wisdom of what the elders dating back to even before the Stonehenge builders believed to be a sacred day.

What is the Summer solstice? It is a time twice a year at which the sun reached its maximum or minimum declination, marked by the longest day June 21st in the northern hemisphere and longest night or shortest day Dec 22 ( AKA Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere ). however as we celebrate the Summer solstice in the northern hemisphere on this day, the winter solstice is being celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere also on June 21.

The word literally means sol ( sun) and sistere ( to stand still) and so it appears from earth that the sun stands still in its path during its seasonal movement of its daily path before it appears to reverse direction. This was referred to the zero point of energy by the ancients and thought to be a portal gateway for Source energy to earth to help usher in transformation and transmutation in human evolution and aid in spiritual ascension.

Light is energy and effects our DNA. Light carries information and so it is believed that the light of the Sun ( from Source) is upgrading our DNA codons and helping us unlock parts of our psyche and wisdoms hidden in the twists of the DNA to make us grow, like a system software upgrade. In the northern most hemisphere the sun will not set for 24 hours, as the earth tilts nearest the sun bathing it in powerful galactic and solar energies.

The Stonehenge was build to capture this idea as it aligns with the rising sun of the northeast. The solstice’s purpose is to help open up this gateway or portal to harness the most of the magic of Source energy. Others believe it is a time to renew energies to be committed to purpose and vision. To transform goals into action and step into our dreams as we recreate them as realities. To align the mind, heart, body and soul to upshift our human consciousness.

It is a time to allow the mind to be still and the body’s wisdom to be adhered, while the voice of the soul is heard and be permitted to lead the path. It is important to stay in this higher vibrational frequency through gratitude and surrender of the heart to the state of unconditional love.

So get outside if you can, get grounded into the earth for a while and enjoy the sun rays. Allow your body and DNA to be filled with Source Light and transform and uplevel yourself with gratitude and begin to manifest your destiny. It is a great time to be alive.

Happy Solstice !!


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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