Welcome friends to the Super blood Total blood moon eclipse

Lots of words but intense energy being brought forth on this night. Let us unpack this rare celestial event. It is a super full moon, which means that the moon is closer to the earth with a much greater influence electromagnetically on all our auric fields. It is bloodish in color as it is also an eclipsed by the shadow of the earth. These are rare opportunities to bring shift and transformation in our lives.

Full moons allow ideas, dreams and carefully laid out plans that were worked on in the prior cycle to blossom and be revealed into the light. Yet the power also lies in the eclipse where the toils are charted in the tundra of our emotions and tempered by our hearts. We are invited to explore deeply to all the possibilities of our life and awaken to our unimaginable future.

It is a potent time to uncover our true gifts and power to make coherence of our past and use the failures and experiences to create the bridge to the future. The eclipse forces our unconscious feelings to the surface and simmer and let go of the attachments to the past hinderances. They are asked to be transformed into opportunity. The momentary block of sunlight allows the resetting of our emotions and once the shadows are revealed, they have no escape but to be released through the emotional tides back into the light of the full moon.

Let go, embrace the change, and welcome the possibilities. It is in the surrender of the full moon light that the energy is sent forth to create and build. The self exploration of one phase is released in the next phase as the eclipsing turns to the full moon.

These are beautiful portals that elevate and push us to the next higher evolution of our soul, a quantum jump if you will into a higher state of consciousness and being. As the moon falls into the darkness, the symbolization of our dark emotions of fears, doubts, misjudgments all rise up to be heard and then extinguished with the warmth of the reflected sun light in the full moon, as we step up into our awareness.

Trust that we are where we need to be, and these gateways once stepped into and through allow for us to be back into alignment with our divine destiny.

To this end I have created a small invocation to ground the energies of this powerful event. Settle in, relax, breathe and repeat 3x.

“I am Light

I am Divine Will

I am my vision

I am my conscious and unconscious evolution

I choose to unfold the unmanifest into the manifest

I choose to embold my soul purpose with love now and forever more

I surrender to the universal path that is uniquely mine

I trust in the universe

I believe in me

I observe all

I create

I flow

I am that I am”


I Love YOU

Author: Brown Knight

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