Something fun happened yesterday

Rode for the first time my longest distance and time…

26.1 miles and 2 h 15 min.

Now to some this is a warm up.. soon it will be my warm up too.. but not yesterday….. it was a PR.

With my inspiring friend and traveling/exercising companion Brian J Palazzi we rode out and braved the barage of bugs and sea of pollen..

Great conversations were had, new areas across Statelines of farmland, brooks, forests were all experienced and enchanted paths were discovered..

But this is more than about just any bike ride..

This is about getting out of my comfort zone

For my previous ride it had been 16 miles…. of learning the terrain, gear shifting, and anticipation of the roads, awareness of surroundings etc…. it was hard to just feel comfortable on the bike and riding any distance longer than a mile

Prior to that it was getting over the feeling of leaving the driveway…

Everything we truly desire lies outside our comfort zone.. it requires a push from within to try something new.. go further…

Brian asked me non chalantly… ” we reached the last spot we did last week.. your choice.. go back or go ahead?”

My answer… “let’s keep going and seeing where things take us”

It’s easy to fall back into safety… it takes not just courage but a spark of inspiration to do something new, go somewhere uncharted, meet someone etc..

Keep expanding, growing, up shifting.. because the alternative is worse than death.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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