Watching movies

Ever sit in front of the TV and be watching a show or a movie and realize that you do not want to watch it any more and change the channel? Whether the show was boring, scary, depressing, it was not worthy enough to stay viewing it. The same applies to the ” movies of your life.” Our lives are like movies on an enormous movie screen. If we step back for a second and pause we can see the screen and us as the observers as separate. Just like you, I too have been so involved in a movie that I felt I was one of the characters. This holds true in life as well. We are usually so busy and involved in our lives that we forget that it is essentially a movie playing out and we have the choice of changing the channel.

That relationship that did not work out that caused a divorce or break up. So often we will replay this “relationship movie” in our minds over and over again and become bitter, angry and never forgive the other person is one prime example. It is a choice to stay in that angry zone and watch the effects of that movie destroy other parts of our lives. The close person who passed away, do we ever let them go? Invariably not, as we hold on to the haunts of the memories and further depression and grief settle in and before we realize that we have been hurting far longer than the deceased would have liked. The co worker who spoke mean things to you, continues to go through an endless loop like a never ending TV series of hurt emotions in your head, holding you hostage to anger, vengeance, hatred. The financial situation that is difficult, plays out with thoughts, words, actions and the movie of financial strain reaches an epic performance of misery, guilt, and depression.

Life situations and events are all akin to the movies of your life playing on endless feedback loops based on our choices to stay hooked on to them. Just like in the movie theaters you can enjoy the show with popcorn and soda, we watch our life movies with hopes and fears. When we stream movies and tv shows directly to our viewing devices at home it is a frequency that is being transmitted and decoded for us to watch. Life is no different. It is an energetic frequency pattern that we interact with and co-create with and watch as it unfolds. We are literally plucking the airwaves and downloading the movie of our choice.

Yet it is also our choice to change the channel and change the show. We are fully capable in transforming our experiences into the movies that we seek, the events and experiences we intend to explore. So the question really left to answer is how much do you wish to live an inspired and empowered life?

The remote control of your life is in your hands. Choose the channel wisely.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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