The truth about You

We have been convinced that we are damaged goods from a very young age.

Whether it is by our caretakers in the form of unkind words or actions because surely we were to blame for their mean thoughts and harsh actions. Or due to relationships long ago that resulted in break ups when we were informed that it was “our fault” that things did not work out. When friends abandoned us, and enemies rained hatred to our hearts, to the point of breaking our minds, we were certain that it was alas our own doing that destroyed everything around us.

The bitter stories play out like endless loops in our psyche and we continue to berate ourselves to the very depths of guilt and anguish. So great have been the dramas that have unfolded that we believe them to be truer than our senses. In the end we lie with our empty veins that once held our life blood that now has boiled away with despair and the once tearful eyes know only parched deserts. Our minds have been shattered, our hearts defeated and our bodies worn from the fight of self identity.

It is through the dawn of realization that the light appears to heal our wounds and in the midst a discovery is made. Not just that a clap requires two hands and all the blame cannot be shouldered by one person alone. Not that the insecurity and anger of another against us is not all our doing. Not even that we cannot take responsibility for the war that wages within our lost beloved. Through the darkness the sliver of sentient light of wisdom arrives not a moment too soon to the remains of a heart devoured by the vultures of a tortured life. The words echo in the gallows of self loathing and self hatred. Like a saving hand outreached for the taking, I hear ” You are not broken and need no fixing.”

Remember my dear love that out of a great mess there exists you, a greatness.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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