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Grounding part 1

Learning post #624 Grounding. ( two part post)

Part I

What is grounding? Simply put it is connecting to the earth. Also known as earthing, it is a technique that has been known to humanity since we first became upright. When you are connected to the earth you are rooting your energy essence. There are a lot of health benefits to this, which I will explain. It can help you distress, improve lethargy, increase mental and physical health, find the inner wisdom and once centered it can help you see your future with a clearer vision.

How does this work? The planet is a massive reservoir of electrons. When you are in contact with the earth, these are absorbed by the feet. These assist in neutralizing the ionized parts of ourselves. On the soles of our feet our entire body is mapped out. And so this neutralizing effect extends to organs and the nervous system where diseases or malfunctions lie. Rubber soles on our shoes have isolated us and insulated us from this valuable and vital technique.

Stressful lives , lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, genetics and environmental exposures all contribute to disease states. Diseases are essentially inflammations that happen through out the body within organ systems and nervous systems. When this happens these affected areas become positively charged and ionized. Additionally throughout the day we build up a lot of static electricity, via our electronics and lets face it everything around is also ionized, including the air that we breathe and the water that we drink and the food that we eat. Ever short circuit your car, or your computer, or your devices, or feel static electricity? Thats all part of us being a charged up battery. We too are essentially electronic machines or battery circuitry and usually quite ungrounded.

Molecules are held together by these electrons at an atomic level. In the ionosphere our own sun ionizes this layer making it positive, and lightning is nature’s swift grounding sword of transfer to the earth’s negative electrons that await.

Inflammation causes illnesses. Neutrophils ( immune fighting cells or white blood cells WBC) target damaged cells so when an injury occurs, these WBC come to repair and release reactive O2 species and so ripping out electrons and destroying the damaged cells. If we cannot replete those electrons to restore polarity of the radicals, then more electrons are stolen from other cells and then that area and those cells become positively charged. Hence disease begins to spread. A neutrophil chain reaction in effect is unleashed and the entire immune system is initialized and the cascade continues.We are always in an inflamed state and in an electron deficit.

ATP ( Adenosine triphosphate) is the electrical energy transport current of a cell and via cellular nerves transfers electricity. In cardiology if you look at studies that looked at blood that is clotting due to inflammatory states is “thicker” . Pre and post grounding have demonstrated decreased thickening. If chronic disease states are present then grounding will not be able to cure 100% but at least help heal some. All disease states are inflammatory whether cancer, heart disease, arthritis etc. Inflammation reduction with grounding has been studied in PMS, pain management, TMJ disease, sleep disorders, Multiple sclerosis, arthritis and many more conditions and have found to be useful to help chronic ailments but more over acute flared ups if caught early enough.

Kids love being outside with no shoes on. If it helps them, perhaps adults can take a chapter out of their books.

Don’t be isolated from your planet, it can heal you. We were never put on the planet without the gift of knowledge to heal ourselves.
I love you

See part 2 tomorrow for more techniques on grounding.

Author: Brown Knight

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