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Stay inspired

So this happened day after my birthday
155 laps
4224 yards
3875 meters
2.4 Miles !
In 2 hours 26minutes

I had started swimming again 3 weeks after taking a long hiatus of 7 +years

It sort of ramped up quickly I guess, but this story is not about the 2.4 miles

Night before I had read a post on an athlete who had covid and for months had not been training.. but she was determined to get back her gains and kept pushing, working at her swimming and was able to do 2miles finally

I was so inspired by her I decided to keep pushing myself when I swam. Prior to this my max lengths the week before had been 80 laps, 2000meters, or about 1 mile.

I was proud of that and quite content

Then when I got into the pool all I could think about was her inspirational post.. so just kept going…. first 1500m, then 2000m then let’s see if I could do 2500. Then what it would feel like for 3000m then 3200m then finally I just said let’s go all out for 3875m…

I even had to ask an onlooker in the arena to Google for me what the conversion of meters and miles on their phone 😆 while I was swimming

The point is there is inspiration all around us…Iike a field cocooning us all.. it is a field of intention, inspiration and love.. like spheres radiating outward to the heavens

We simply have to tap in and play in these fields and live at that level




we each have infinite potential… time to be inspiring for self and others

Go light your candle of inspiration… fan it’s flame….BE EPIC
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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