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Being a bumblebee

Aerodynamically, the bumblebee is not designed to fly. It does not know this, but it skillfully does so anyway.

There are a lot of activities and skills that we as human beings are not designed to do, but that does not stop us from flying, eating fire, climbing the tallest mountain or exploring the depths of the oceans, and completing any number of extraordinary feats.

Where does this gift of doing what we are not designed to do come from?

I believe it comes from our hearts. Our innate trust of the universe and the desire to experience life from a sacred space of love is what propels us to create new ideas and go where no one has gone before.

Yet how do we access this gift? It starts within. To have the certainty and confidence that we belong in this world, and are part of this life to live and love. Simple. I think it is our mindsets and judgments that are constantly in flux that sway us from the center state of our purpose, that inherently keeps us from our highest potential.

When we doubt, we become uncertain, and we allow fear to creep in. This then creates the ceiling limit to our potential. We become imbalanced, emotional and polarized. The more this happens the more we judge others instead of understanding ourselves. These outward projections are inward reflections of ourselves that we choose not to engage and integrate, and so the downward spiral of our gift unfolds.

Yet we also have the gift to observe, reflect and redirect our course and reclaim our ability to trust and then to be able to fly in order to achieve our dreams. To buzz around and explore the nectar of each experience requires trust, certainty and confidence in ourselves and the universe.

We are just as warranted to be here in this moment of time and space as is the bumblebee.

LIVE and LOVE life fully.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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