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Hard Being human

The other day a friend called me up after I had lost a patient. He said “ It is hard being a doctor”. I thought about this statement for a while. My reply “ No, it is hard being human.”

I am a human first, doctor second. There are difficult experiences as a healer to integrate for sure, yet the loss of life is a burdensome encounter for any of us, regardless of profession. It is something that we each have to face in our lives and no one is devoid of this. It is part of being human. We live. We die. Some fear life. Some fear death.

It is probably one of our most sacred parts of being human, to witness our own mortality as a species. To know our time is limited and to make the most of the opportunity of the ticking clock. But more so it is the very essence of being human. To FEEL. TO LOVE. TO CHERISH, TO MOURN.

Being human is far more that just bustling around doing a job, paying bills, coming home, eating, pooping, goto sleep, rinse and repeat. Being human is about feeling the emotions, experiencing each one. Happiness, joy, sadness, grief, relief, anger, calm, frustration, madness, depression, inspiration and any number of 4000+ emotional states that resonate the mental and heart felt states of embodiment of our physicality. It is how we react to the outside world. To show emotion is part of being human.

When we feel, we pronounce our very nature in to the world. Human BEings feel through our moment to moment encounters and we are invited to BE, to BEcome present with those emotions and interact with holographic illusion of the universe from a more heart centered space.

Yes it is hard being a doctor. And as modern conventional medical wisdom dictates to hold back emotions when dealing with patients, so as not to get carried away in the flow, and be a immovable rock instead, to give support. Yet it is harder being human, and it is in that state of oneness with another human as we each enter the river of flow to hold another in the arms through words or deed, that we heal ourselves as well.

Life is about feeling. To experience the entire gamet of emotional states with all their pairs of opposites. To feel all these through our body navigated at times by the mind guidance back to center. And then it is the magic of integrating all of these feelings through the engine of the heart. This is what is meant by Being human.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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