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How to tell if you were bad this Christmas.?

So were you good or bad this holiday season ?

It has been a long held belief that for our birthdays, holidays, Christmas etc that we offer our loved ones especially children a gift but it is conditional if they are good or bad. This then applies to us as well, when we feel that if we are good we will receive a gift, and if we are bad, our heart’s desires will not be met.

Yet the absurdity of this idea runs deep in our psyche and then expands to every aspect of our lives does it not? If we are good, be good, behave good we feel we are worthy to receive. Yet if we are not good, and do bad, be bad, behave badly, then we are deemed unworthy.

Who determines whether we are good or bad? It is ourselves !!

We take in the morality of an outside source, whether it is familial, teachers, preachers, communities, society, world views and then we inject those “values” upon ourselves. We then take those same ideas and propagate them by projecting them out on to others in our family, friends, strangers, communities, society circles etc. It is a viscous cycle of self and collective created values that governs us at every level if we do not govern ourselves.

I mean look at politicians for example. If the ideas of good or bad really held true then many would not get what they do now would they? Perhaps it is my own judgment of good or bad values on them !! In any case when we create mortalities we tend to inject them into ourselves and project them onto others and then hold self and others to these fantasy expectations.

We are neither good nor bad, but both and neither. We are worthy regardless of being good or bad, both or neither. There is one thing that we are worthy of that transcends human mortality of good or bad.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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