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Solar eclipse

Welcome to the Solar eclipse. I usually write about Lunar influences, but Solar eclipses are just as magical and important. These are akin to the New Moon energies but more potent.

The moon comes in between the earth and the sun and in essence obscuring our vision forward so that we can take the time to look inward for clarity. This is a unique opportunity for us to launch into a new sphere of awareness and tap into the energetics beyond our perceived limitations.

It is a time to reevaluate old habits patterns and create new ones that will influence us to reach greater heights. Since time immemorial we have been influenced by our celestial neighbors as we are also part of the natural stellar cosmos, impacting our day to day lifetimes.

As day becomes night and night becomes day, there is an accelerated change that occurs to each of us on a cellular level as we grow exponentially. Where moon transformations and phases influence our sub conscious and our emotional states , the solar magic influences our intuition and allows us to focus on internal change. The sun represents our focus on personal desires, goals, and the external self.

And so the eclipse interrupts this process for us to look within to become more authentic and congruent to these goals.

The sun then promptly returns, symbolically signifying our return to adjusting and realigning to our new life. This is wisdom that has been in our psyche for centuries through culture, tradition and generational heritage. It is there for our benefit.

Grab a paper for a few minutes, write out your goals, based in reality and practicality and explore the strategies to the new path as you embark on life. As always PAUSE… BREATHE.. OBSERVE..and then move forward with bold DECISIONS and ACTIONS.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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