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Are you enjoying the chaos of your emotions recently? Impatience with a coworker? Irritability at home? Running out of time? Fearful of all the world events?

well guess what Full moon was round the corner !!

But first a little about these moon shenanigans.

The Full moon and the New Moon are always in a harmonic balance. The former represents the Feminine Energies about emotion and intuition and great for clearing and the New moon represents the darker aspects of our consciousness that also needs clearing.

New moons sometimes occur on solar eclipses which is very Masculine Energies for new beginnings and making things happen. Lunar eclipses occur during full moons and this most recent one was very intense in stirring alot of our dark fears to being them to light for clearing.

The cosmos is forever in balance and so it the dance of the solar and lunar eclipses and the moon phases full or new. Due to the elliptical nature of the lunar orbits around the earth and the earth elliptical orbit around the sun, that is why we don’t have clockwork eclipses on all full moons or new moons.

So this Full Moon was quite intense. For many this past month has been relaxing and resting and quiet contemplation and for others battling the old emotions. When you clean up your house of old stuff, you have to first dig up all that older possessions and then search through your feelings of ” keep or not to keep” Once pondered you then clear it out to trash or restore it back to a better position in the house giving it value and worth yet again. Same with your emotional clearing house.

With these full moons it is time to pull your boot straps and regardless of the situations that have befallen you, step out of your shadow and focus on your vision It is about the struggle to survive and move forward that is called upon this time round. Have faith in yourself with your intuition as your guide despite the difficulties and march on with intensity and power.

Rest will come in spurts but hard work is needed. Remember you own your light AND shadow.
I love you

Ps oreos are not just tasty for eating, but great to help explain the moon locations in the night sky

Author: Brown Knight

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