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Lighting the candle of consciousness

As we lit the candles one by one… and spread them throughout the house in celebration of Diwali… i had a lovely contemplation that I would like to share…

When one lights a candle it is a multiform impact…

As we VISUALLY observe the flame.. it ignites a subtle change within our minds… our WISDOM is opened up as we PAUSE….

soon then the warmth of the candle then lights that same WARMTH within our HEARTS….which in turn creates the space for GRATITUDE to Manifest

Lighting a candle is much like sharing wisdoms to each other and igniting the wick of divine light that was always been there within each of us..

Then it spreads like a massive network of light
Throughout the world

One hardly just lights one candle… it is a process through which we light numerous candles and cannot help ourselves to do so

I imagine the world being lit up with the fire of wisdoms from each person as it spreads globally….each person igniting the consciousness within every other persons

What a magnificent world we create together….. and it all starts with the fire and the light of one person willing to hold their candle bright in the darkness against all odds

Each of us is a candle… each of us is that flame… each of us has that light…

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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