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I meditated today

How is everyone doing?

Check in time

Its been another crazy few days of news, madness, allegations, legal battles and action on all fronts with interesting discoveries and new revelations on the political scenes

Yet each of us are finding new things about ourselves in each instant….

New explorations of our tolerances,

New adventures of passion

New experiences to integrate

New opportunities to seek out

It is wise to realize that we have a life outside the drama that we are surrounded by….. a life of depth, purpose, and meaning

When dealing with politics it is easy to praise or blame without self reflection of the WHY BEHIND THE EMOTIONAL CHARGE

The leader you want is because they fit your values and have similar traits to you

The leader you don’t want is because they don’t fit your values and you are choosing NOT TO OWN THEIR TRAITS..

(but you have them i assure you, but you are disowning parts of you and ergo not being authentic and whole)

So how are you doing ?

Did you meditate?

Did you breathe deep ?

Are you regulating your nervous system?

How are you coping with things in your world not just the outside unstable politics?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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