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Authentic like a snow bubdle

This snow bundle has been sitting in my lawn for the last 5 days… after our first small snow fall

Remnants of the snow man we built…

But here’s the thing. Its been warmer, its been sunny, and raining and very windy… so everything to destroy this moderate sized nugget… yet here it sits.

Softly, quietly it sits in full presence

The magic of how we persist comes from that space of knowing within.. of who we are

We remain resilient to change by creating a strong core…. core of who we are

That space of authenticity is the space from which all potential emerges to tackle anything and everything that life throws at us

Snow or snow particles are being authentic to their nature…

So can we.

That’s how we weather the storm of life’s experiences… AUTHENTICITY
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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