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Turning back the clocks

At 2am the clocks turned back an hour.

Daylight savings time ended.

So some will look at this that we gained an hour of time…

Yet time is simply an illusion.. what we DO with it is what counts..

Some spend the extra hour in bed and ” catch” up on sleep

Some will take this as an extra opportunity to wake up the household and play (my 4.11 year old)

Some will spend the extra time to read

Some will go to work to start their day earlier

I chose to spend the time this morning with some extra cuddle time with kids, do some exercise, meditate and gratitude journal and make a healthy smoothie…

It is as if The universe gave us this extra 1 hour time for self care in my opinion

Yet when do we take this time each day for ourselves without being told to do so.. or having to take back the clocks to make it happen?

SELF CARE is a vital part of our growth and healing.

I would invite you to take an EXTRA hour each day or at least each week and take care of YOU., before the universe has to intervene on your behalf and force you to take it
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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