“ I getting tired of being part of a major historical event”

All too often we are immersed in events that are not of our choosing. We feel the pressure to obey, to follow the crowd, to be part of a revolution. We are antagonized by others opinions. We are pushed to try to fit in.

We call the historical event the “ new normal” as we adapt to the imposed ideas, rules and regulations of outward authorities. Yet on some level this drains us of who we are. We may modify our lifestyles, we may become more resilient and come up with innovative ideas to handle the change, yet it is not the same.

At some point the toll of the madness sets in and fatigues the muscles of the body and hurts the neurons of the brain. The heart aches for a resolve. Yet it is allowed to simply feel this heavy burden. It is acceptable to put down the load and sit down. It is acknowledged to be comforted. It is safe to be heard and know that you are an individual with needs and wants. It is in being more human that we transcend the chaos of the outside storm, not through surrender but by the simple act of acceptance.

Once we have accepted who we are, we can see the true nature of what is transpiring before us. It is by observing the reality we begin to emerge from our pain with gratitude with the gift of who we are. We have the qualities to become resilient, strong and courageous. We have the ability to fly, we have the audacity to transcend the challenge with wisdom that lies within our DNA.

Being part of a historical event is no small feat. For each of us carry the burden to help transform our world with our knowledge, fortitude and stamina to succeed. We who hold the light within our hearts have the duty to transmute the outward events and create the world anew. It is the duty of all of humanity to take on the role of being torch bearers to guide the species back to the state of grace.

Yet where most will be tired, a few will awaken to the promise of evolution. We are in the throes of a historical event for sure, yet this age comes with the responsibility to garden the consciousness of the soul. The gateway of the heart is the key to this metamorphosis of physicality to spirituality.

Hold steadfast with resolve and do not fall prey to the fears of others and those who seek control. The line in the sand of time has been drawn. The darkness cannot step beyond these limits and the shadows will give way to light. This is the course of all ascension journeys.

Join me each day on an adventure to explore the depths of human consciousness on the way to divine love.

Your powerful ally

DR Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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