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The Bhatman

We all have a secret identity

Mine was Bhatman. Yes you read that correctly

In medical school, people had a hard time pronouncing my last name BHATNAGAR, so it got changed to BHATMAN…..

I took on that persona as I tackled the underworld of disease for the better part of 20 years..

Patients too couldn’t remember my name so I became Dr Bhatman

I started thinking I was this persona.. got a black suv, drove fast etc.

My pen name for my www.wheelsofthemind.com blog site became the BROWN KNIGHT The Bhatman…..fashioned after the dark knight, batman !

Yes each of us hide behind a mask in some fashion…. holding back not just our identities but our desires and dreams.

We try to fit in, or try to pretend we are someone else.. “persona” itself implies wearing a mask..

We are called at times to let go of these masks, these personas, the false identities and reveal who we are as an “individual”

Individual… the indivisible.. the true Self

It is when we stop being someone else… stop pretending… stop hiding we then can shine our own true light of who we are..

Let people see us for who and what we are..

Let the world revel in our true nature and its magnificence

Let the universe appreciate us in our light and gifts

We are beautiful light beings in physical forms… wearing masks and identities

Time to take off our false personas and be who we ar and meant to be.

Hanging up my cape… i am Dr Bhatnagar not Dr bhatman anymore

Do you dare for the world to see you for who you are?

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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