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Full moon

Welcome to the Corn Full moon. It was so named for it signified the right time to begin the harvesting of the corn as noted in many cultures.

Yet this full moon comes with its own peculiarities and offerings.

It is a time to delve deep into the waters of dreams.

It is a time to explore the depths of feelings and face the winds of change.

It is a time to trust the vision once entrusted and begin to break the distracting expectations.

It is a time to stop trying to be everything for everyone and explore how we can be everything to ourselves.

It is a time surrender to the knowing of our higher self.

It is a time to explore our full potential.

To this end I have created a potent invocation with incredible energy from higher dimensions to be used to harness the wealth of this powerful moon

“ I surrender my mind to the knowing of mySelf

I welcome the Light into my heart

I step into my purpose with gratitude and wisdom

I trust all that comes next

I am in service of the Divine”

Repeat x 3

blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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