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whats in your hand?

Have you ever noticed what’s in your hand?

What we carry in our hand is based on a self perpetuating habit. Sometimes that habit gives us comfort, sometimes it provides us a way to deal with social awkwardness or perhaps connect us socially. Yet if we look at what that habit is and see what is in our hand we gain perspective on our lives and at times how to make things better.

Such as a coffee cup. More than just a pick me up out the bed sort of beverage, it is very addicting. Believe me I know, I used to roam around with different coffee cups or mugs all day and night. I sued to total numerous coups of coffee and tea and almost 8 shots of expresso a day. The habit became an obsession and the more I drank , the more awake I would be. Obviously one would think, but that was a not a good obsession to have. And now that I stopped this habit, I find that I did not even need the caffeine to function. It was my perception that I did.

Some enjoy alcohol and must have a glass of their favorite beverage the moment they come home and before they goto bed. It varies. Many find it socially comforting to have a glass in their hand. It helps to connect to others at a social gathering. It relieves the social awkwardness. It brings about confidence when going out on a date, liquid courage on tap if you will. Yet it becomes a habit never then less.

Some are cigarette smokers and need that lighted stick of nicotine dynamite to navigate their day. For some it helps keep them sane by relieving stress and anxiety. Yet it can become disruptive in the day to have to stop work or home life to “have a cigarette”. It can be used socially but not a good habit to cultivate from a health perspective.

Majority of us have a smart phone in our hands at all times, literally from the time we wake up to the time we hit the pillow. We are glued to this tiny screen reading, connecting, texting, talking, or watching or typing. What are we using these smartphones for? Socially media? News? Texting?The hand held mobile device cuts off from our humanity of interrelations and so again not a habit that one is able to break easily either as it has permeated our entire lives. I am guilty of this. There are health risks of “thumbitis” and hand arthritis and multitude of other strains of the eyes that also come into preview of this habit.

If its not any of the other habits above, our hands are then busy with a spoon, a fork or bare hands stuffing ourselves with food, which may lead to its own issues health wise depending on what we are choosing to eat. As we can see what is in our hands effects us in various ways. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Did the habit beget the habit? Yet breaking it means we have a value system to perhaps see the benefits or drawbacks of the habit. Till we do, nothing shifts.

Yet all these habits are keeping us in motion. We are constantly in a state of action and reaction and are DO-ing and not Be-ing. Stopping what we are constantly engaged in, affords us the liberty to keep our mind in a state of mindfulness.The idle hands keep our minds idle and so the engine of our bodies is never still. i would suggest that you try breaking a habit or two and see what unfolds.

Watch what your hands do throughout a day, week, month. Socially or at work or at home. Clues to the subtleties of the mind in action, will help guide to a mind of balance and peace.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar

I love you

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