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the story of the glove, hand and body

Would like to share with you an idea I had

Imagine the glove as the human body exploring life on this earth

The hand is the spirit that fits into the glove that animates the glove

The glove travels in all weathers, to all parts of the world, experiencing all the climates

The hand is unchanged yet too experiencing the earthly world

But the hand is part of the rest of the body which feels what the hand senses yet also remains unchanged

The hand knows it is part of the larger whole

So too occurs as the soul is experiencing the material realms

The “body” is the soul, which only one part is the “hand” aka the spirit that is experiencing the world through the glove aka the human body

Other parts of the soul are experiencing other things throughout time and space in the form of the foot , the leg, etc and bringing back sensations to the whole.

Now imagine the body meeting up with other bodies.. aka other souls meeting up with other souls.. and coming together as nations.. aka soul families…

Keep expanding this idea to greater groups of countries… and even more souls collectively coming together across time and space..all joining together to create a vast network of universal experience

The cosmos is infinitely vast..

You and I are just gloves in a huge world

We are spirits as part of our own souls in human form experiencing just a tiny part of the entire universe..

You are a beautiful glove, hand, and body

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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