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interesting story

Interesting story

Met my lovely 91 year old patient yesterday. She had been hiding out at home for the last 5 months due to the covid crisis. I inquired how she had kept her self busy and how she was feeling.

She stated she was doing well

“ I am 91 and I have my mind,hearing, eyesight, and I take care of myself and more importantly I am still able to drive “ she remarked.

“ That’s awesome” I replied.

“ Independence is key.” She noted

I nodded. “ Anything else going on with you?” I asked.

“ Well I do have a bit of anxiety with what is going on in the world, but those thoughts go quickly as soon as they come, because nothing good comes out of worrying” She added.

Now this is a wise woman.

“ How do you keep yourself busy?” I asked again

“ I read, I do my gardening, I connect with my family on the phone, I do my morning exercises, I eat right and get plenty of rest. I dont spend too much time watching the news, it can be depressing”

“ I am happy with my life, I have seen more terrible things in my life, so I focus on what keeps me happy” she remarked.

I was silent. Not much more to add to this conversation, except smile and acknowledge her thoughts and experiences. I pondered for a moment. If we live long enough we may see the entire spectrum of diversity of human experiences. She certainly looks like she had.

When we focus on things that are worthy of our time, we watch those things grow.

When we have increased clarity of our vision, our longevity increases too.

When we are congruent with our goals, our vitality and our vision proportionately expands.

My lovely patient showed me that there is no use of worrying over things that one cannot control. Instead it is wise to shift my vision to that which can be controlled, and do the things that are in harmony with my life goals.

By the way she takes NO medications. A sign that her body is in sync with her mind and requires no external stimulation to allow the body to function, and that her mind is strong and determined to be in tune with her goals that directly contributes to her longevity.

Loved my encounter with her. She taught me much in this one visit. I look forward to our next meeting, and more wisdom pearls.

Your powerful ally

DR Bhatnagar


I love you

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