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Leaving a legacy

Walking around the house busy with my thoughts and chores, I came upon a startling discovery. Apparently there were stickers of hearts all around the house. In the staircase, on the wood flooring, on the walls, on the crib. Literally everywhere were these tiny hearts.

I knew the culprit. The 4.7 y old of course. She loves hearts and stickers. I had not noticed them as I was in my head most of the time darting about, till I paused and noticed them. Once into my awareness space I was now more cognizant of them but not just in front of me, but everywhere. The more we stay present, the more our awareness of everything around us expands.

Yet this gave me another wonderful moment of contemplation. I thought for a moment on the scenario that my daughter had left. The remembrance of her would not just be in memories but the stickers that she had left behind as a physical reminder that she was there !

Lets expand this further…. what do any of us do in the world to leave a lasting impression on the life of another, or make an impact in society or help transform the planet in such a unique way that it can be said that we were here.

For the vast majority the impact we have is to our children or to our grandchildren but beyond that, the memory fades and we are lost to the sands of time as the winds of the mind blow towards the future. Yet why don’t more humans do things to make a greater impact to leave that lasting carving in the rock of the earths recorded history? Is it from our fears of standing up and being seen? Is it from a space of inadequacy? Is it due to generational voices that we are not good enough that echo in our minds? Is it due to a closed heart that we do not dare to shine to the world ?

Kids do not have this fear, yet. Till their bravery is squashed by misguided peers or by the fears of their uninspired adults. But they teach us a valuable lesson to be free and remain inspired. They leave their mark wherever they go, as that gives them in some fashion an identity, and by their writing on the walls or wherever, a fingerprint of their valid existence is born. After all, this is more of an evolutionary mechanism that started in the caveman period of our early DNA.

So for me, I have a valuable lesson to learn and adopt. If I choose to have an impact on the hearts and minds of my fellow humans and help transform the world, then I too will have to step up and shine. I will choose to let go of preconceived notions of smallness, buried deep within my genetic consciousness of my cells. I will choose to show up. I will leave my mark on the walls of the earth too, with the simple message of my contribution of raising consciousness.

When generations will look upon my works they will know that “ I was here”.

What mark do you wish to carve out in your legacy?


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Beautiful. Only to be able to look thru the eyes we had as a youg child again.

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