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meant to be

Hands were meant to be held

Lips were meant to kissed

Bodies were meant to hugged

Minds were meant to be stretched

Consciousness was meant to be expanded

Ideas were meant to inspired

Spirits were meant to be uplifted

Souls were meant to be connected

Love was meant to be shared

When we see who we are and how we each have a place in this world, and that each position has been strategically placed we come into a new season of our being

We were meant to network together as one. Each uniqueness adding to the collective, not to destroy it but make it grow.

When we let go of our past, we choose to heal it.

When we embrace our future, we choose to live empowered.

When we become one family of understanding, one race of human compassion, one world of love, we open up ourselves to the one universal path of divine consciousness.

Most will never see this lane.

Many have already awoken to this journey

Few have started to walk this road

Fewer still have attained mastery of this path.

It is my mission to help and serve as many as I can to reach this path of self mastery through raising their vibrational frequency of awareness and consciousness.

your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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