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Blessings in challenges

A n unfortunate incident with a profound blessing.

So while in SouthAfrica I was attending a conference. It was an amazing experience. Long hours led to evening dinners at 10pm or later.

My wife and I entered this restaurant ordered the meal and waited.

We both were catching up on our emails on our phones. I put the phone down to the right of me , barely an elbow length away as the food arrived and was placed in front of us.

Suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw this hand come down onto the take to my right. My wife who was opposite me wailed ” he took your phone !”

As if in slow motion I turned to see the hand grab my phone and escape. I jumped out of my chair and chased this person out of the restaurant. unfortunately to no effect.

He jumped into a waiting car and sped off, with my phone. I was so much in my flight response I chased the a block down the road but it was too fast. I was enraged, hurt, upset, wounded, violated. There were a surge of emotions racing through me at that moment.

When I finally calmed down ( thanks to my amazing wife ) who helped bring me back in balance, I started to work out the points of balance in this event. Why me? What did I have to learn? Why did this happen?

I was able to quickly see the blessings of the situation. This thief taught me numerous things…

Without the phone, I get a chance to reconnect with people on a physical basis, I get the chance of a new phone, I learned that now without the phone ( having lost 30000+ pictures, and tonnes of apps) I get to reinvent my future by letting go of my past, I will no longer glued to the phone so I can enjoy more real encounters, I learned from the boldness of the thief, if you want something you have to focussed and ACT, if you have a challenge find ways around it.

He taught me certainty of action without fear. If he can walk into a restaurant, pick up my phone and just walk out with determination and focus, imagine what any of us can do if we apply these basic principals to our own careers or to our lives.

I worked hard over the next few days to see the synchronicity of that event and what was taught to me in these moments. I may not ever get all those pictures back yet the pictures are memories of my mind embedded in my heart. I do not need them to remind me of the experiences.

There is a blessing in every tragedy. It is wise to discover these and not remain in the stress an event or experience. It is in fact the attainment of the balance that we harmonize our hearts and transcend the mind with gratitude to evolve our very consciousness.

Perhaps he needed the money via the sale of my phone to feed himself for a few months. I don’t know. Could I have lost lots of personal information in that phone and not just contact lists? Sure. Yet I have an unwavering sense of awe of the universe that is in continual harmony to help me experience that which I need to, so that I turn the events into experiences that I choose to with gratitude and love.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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