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Had another victim of the coronavirus the other day who was a long standing patient of mine.

I had seen him just last month in the office. We both were finally pleased with his cardiac status after months of treatments, procedures and visits

Then last week got called while heading to the hospital one morning.

He had gone into heart failure and now intubated in the ICU.

By the time he was intubated and I heard about it was less than an hour.

I tried getting to him within that time window.

By then he was continuing to deteriorate and was transferred to the other tertiary care hospital.

Not even 12 hours later he was pronounced dead.

Death certificate read Cause of death Corona

It is hard to lose any patient who you have known for a great number of years.

Each patient is more than just a patient.

They become friends.

Fellow human beings on the road of life

He died alone, no visitors allowed.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to have been a part of his life and been in some small measure an aide to his living if not his dying, over the years.

In this era of social distancing we may be physically apart, yet here at the bed side, we are closer than ever as we sometimes resign to the fact that we dont have all the answers.

These encounters have not only changed me completely, but in some fashion the way I choose to practice. With honored humility I comprehend the fragility of life. I embrace it and welcome it. Now with ever greater presence, love and gratitude towards my patients, for who knows if our paths every will cross again


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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