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Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist


I have thought about this above question a lot lately. And I have to admit it does give me a pause and cause for concern.

I have not been worried about getting infected all these weeks and been very focussed on my immunity building but when they loft the restrictions and we all know whats going to happen.

Most people are going to try to return back to their old habits and create a normalcy pattern which means no more social distancing. This is not a discussion about if social distancing was even helping the virus spread in the first place, nor is it a point of interest about the conspiracy theories if the corona virus was in fact as deadly as advertised.

Yet we do not know if the asymptomatic people that go back into general population were positive or negative and so I suspect that the numbers of positive will rise, as moreover those that were negative in the healthcare community or those working at public places now become positive.

If the actual numbers are fundamentally actually lower than shown by the perpetually misleading media, then it is certainly reasonable to assume that the numbers will rise as more are exposed.

This is simple Brownian motion of molecules experiment at work as one set of molecules ( those with corona ) mix with the other set ( those without corona) and then eventually mix completely and achieve a new state of equilibrium.

Or to put it simply, the various lockdown and non lockdown situations are akin to keeping various zones in a swimming pool pee and non pee zones.

it is impossible to truly know what the numbers are despite the miracles of modern science and medical tests kits that may not hold complete accuracy either.

Only time will tell what the true impact of this virus is. But in the mean time I wonder if we need to be concerned about other contagious diseases such as the flu which we have heard precious little about in the last 2 months, that in fact had worse death outcomes and infection rates globally than the coronavirus ever had.

How will the flu now progress forth as more people intermix? Moreover would we have reduced the number of flu cases had we been also in socially distance mode?

Should we do this for diseases that are at higher risk for patients who have a decreased immunity?

I dont know what will happen to us all with the increased contact with other humans. Perhaps it will be just fine. I would like to think so.

First order of business…. stop letting imagined and fabricated fears fall into my mind and seeing what I can do to build my immunity to be stronger and become more resilient.

Second order.. learn to understand where my fears are coming from and deal with them

Third order…. see things as they are, not as I am worrying them to become.
I love you

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