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the virus is fear


Perspectives of the Intuitive Cardiologist

The Fear that we have is not of the coronavirus. The virus is the fear that we face.

It spreads quickly from small groups to large populations across the world. It is able to metamorph into different forms that we cannot always track and we cannot slay.

It is not easily contained, it is not easy to see.

It is insidious, it is effects people quickly.

It is costly to health, livelihoods, and communities.

It is scary because we perceive we cannot control it.

What is IT ?

IT is the fear.

This fear is the virus that effects us all.

Break down the fear…

The fear represents thoughts of inadequacy, the thoughts of feeling unworthy to receive, it is the thoughts of not having lived our dreams.

When we have fear, it is the negative thoughts that run us to create stories where we live in.

We create these dungeons of our fears or castles of our fantasies and live in them, nay lock ourselves in to avoid feeling, to avoid dealing with the emotions.

It is this fear that others have exploited against us that make it even worse.

This corona is here to bust us out of our fears by making us see what really drives us whether to rise or to fall as an an individual or as a collective. Some would say the covid 19 is the cure to humanity’s behaviors as we are the virus that plagues the planet through not just our actions, behaviors, or words but our innate ungoverned thoughts.

The virus is not the fear, yet our fear is the virus.

Step up and live.

Step out of our shells and love


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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