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news from the trenches #3


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist


Not all news is bad news.

The other day I called my patient up with Telehealth. His cardiac issues are not as extensive as he likes to make them out to be. In fact his cardiac issues have all pretty much resolved.

Yet he continues to keep looping in his story about his chest pain ( mind you that he no longer has). We had a long discussion about this and we distilled it down to his anxiety which was really driving his chest pain.

He realized this and that his anxiety was driving him. The more he watched the news the more anxious he got. He asked what he can do about it.

Excellent question ! He asked how he can change. Taking control of his own perceptions is the first step. I gave him lots of various lifestyle tools to be able to shift out of his awareness and blocks.

I asked him also one question: How is this virus serving him?

His reply was beautiful. ” It is teaching me to become more patient with myself and learning to be more tolerant of others and myself”

I cannot give this level of awareness to any one with a procedure or a pill. It has to come from within.

Here is a man who is riddled with anxiety, stressful reactions that manifest in his body as various symptoms and his erratic blood pressure shows how he is not in alignment with who he is.

Yet he begins the process to his OWN self healing through understanding the value of patience and tolerance.

judgments are the misalignments of the mind that effect the heart and the body bringing about illness and disease.

It is wise to see how the illnesses are teaching us to become more aware and discover self governance.

I dont know if his level of awareness will sustain, yet I did inform him to explore what was coming up for him, and if he wishes further guidance in this matter then I would be able to help him.

This is my area of expertise in self mastery. I own it.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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