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Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

There is something much more at stake in our lives at the moment than our social distancing and tremendously long pause in our lives as we wait for things to transform.

It is the understanding of our vulnerabilities.

It is true that our healthcare system is being shown the greatest vulnerability in terms of resources ( healthcare professionals and equipment and costs) as our sickest citizens are being infected and succumbing to the disease.

Yet this pandemic also has shown us how our economy is vulnerable to an outside attack. More over our very daily routine has been effected including the use of toilet paper and buying food !

We are being shown our greatest weaknesses as we depend on so many “taken for granted” amenities that we are forced to ration and prioritize. Our ultimate vulnerability lies in our inability to adapt to change.

If we are forced to evolve and are unable to do so, then we perish. Our very extinction is dependent upon waking up to the real scenarios that are occurring behind the scenes and not falling into the fear.

There is nothing challenging when we simply face the obstacle and strategically plan ahead. It is when we ignore the weakness or vulnerability that is shown to each of us in its unique way, then we face greater hindrances.

Vulnerabilities are to be embraced, to be transformed into valuable strengths, not obstacles to be avoided.

Whatever parts of ourselves that we do not love completely, we face them as weaknesses.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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