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happy easter

Happy Easter

An old visitor arrives as I am awakened to his presence. I hastily invite him in as the door of my mind is half opened.

The tapestry of life springs to life with each moment as the harsh winter bonds around the heart are broken with the promise of experiences anew.

The imagination unravels as the earth shifts with the sounds of rebirth.

Despite the unexpected times that appear to bear no end, the clock of nature chimes in perfect harmony and rhythm with the arrival of spring.

The old visitor from a time forgotten cheerfully greets me as I welcome him into the home of my heart. Without but a smile he invites me to greater insight and inquiry of truth.

The truth rises from its long slumber, hidden beneath the aliveness of the surface. It has always been there awaiting my attention. The truth pulsates with the energy of creation.

The old visitor reminds me of this inner knowing as I feel the ground open up the wisdom of the flowering bush, the pultruding grass shoots, the call of the birds and the scampering of the squirrels and rabbits.

The world that I thought was at the brink of extinction lies on the precipice of evolution, that is which this spring season now represents.

The evolution not revolution of Easter heralds this exhibition of my understanding. What lies within me is exalted outside of me with the majesty of nature.

The old visitor turns to look out through the window of my mind at the meadows of blooming grasslands of my emotions. Patiently he turns to me without judgment in his eyes.

In that instant a new dawn of my consciousness emerges. He is love. He comes at a time when I most need it. At a time when I am frozen with fear, only to provide what I feel is missing in my life. To thaw my heart from its cold tundrous sleep

Love is the catalyst to spring the energy into action. The magic of this season is in the gathering of the wisdom of the heart and allowing it to flourish.

Love is that which brings forth the rebirth, the rejuvenation, the readiness of the moment as seen by nature.

Love is the heat that warms the wintery dullness of the senses and refresh the soul. The dormancy ends.

Love is what holds the tapestry of life together, as I see it now as a thread observing whole garment with wondrous eyes.

Love is spring. Love is Easter.

Love is the old visitor that returns to me in his caravan of time. I welcome him with an open heart, mind and soul.

Love is in the air. Allow it. Breathe it. Be it.

Love simply is.

Wishing you all a Happy Spring, A Happy Easter, filled with Love, Light and Wisdom.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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